11 June 2017


Wow  ...   so my last post was on September 2013 
Can't believe it, almost 4years i didn't post any quotes.. even i haven't graduated yet 

what a pain..
Seriously i was busy entire all this times, and i haven't got any idea to post.. 
and i think i won't post any contents about quotes more.. let's switch to something better..

but i am not sure when i will have a time to write this things out. Now i write it because i just feel so stress and i want to write it out. 

So many things have happened and already changed. I think i am the only one who haven't achieved anything yet. Maybe some of them already reached their goals, some of them already processed but i still stuck in some situation and haven't started any nor planned anything yet. 

Hope that i will find a great motivation that sure will bring me to do better 

I just wondering if my brain got some problems  because i just feel like it doesn't work like how it used to be. Something must stuck inside 

Hope that i got some motivation that help me finish all of my tasks and can be freely doing all what i want soon.. It's kinda guilty to not finish the things that you need to finish  

End of story  Bye 

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