19 November 2011

You are still on my mind (Part 1)

In this story tell us about someone who still love his ex but truly he is a kind boy and he always tried to make the girl that he love happy but of some reasons and misunderstanding he too much hurt his ex, although she was his ex but they were still be a friends
the guy love his ex so much and he didn't want if the girl was fallen to another guy
and then he always forbid her ex to contact or talking to another guy than him,

his action really made this girl mad because he was overprotected. She also love him but she could not be with him for a longer time more, she could not face his action and his attitude

 he never listen to the girl and it made the girl change totally, it made her so stress and cry along the day
she want to live with him but she also could not face his attitude

with this situation, she didn't have anything to think and she don't know the way to live again

One day, her ex make her mad again.. On that day she was stress fully and she tried to suicide
To be continued

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