26 October 2011

My Last Wish

There were a girl who were in difficult position, she doesn't know what she choose between two guys whose love her. she can't think of anything and she thought..
Everything what she did never make me happy anymore,, how much she has tried there was still as same as it was..

1960 Love song's

Why does the sun go on shining
Why does the sea rush to shore
Don't they know it's the end of the world
Cause you don't love me anymore

Why do the birds go on singing
Why do the stars glow above
Don't they know it's the end of the world
It ended when i lost your love

11 October 2011

Thanks For Love Me ( Part 3 )

One day, he found that the girl did not go to school for a few days, first he was thought that the girl was go on holiday but suddenly there was a call from her mom, "she want to meet you, she was in hospital right now", with a worry the guy run quickly and took a taxi to  hospital.

After he arrived to the hospital, he met the girl. with a tears on her face the girl said "I love you so much", the guy said "I love you too", what happened with you ?

10 October 2011

Thanks For Love Me ( Part 2 )

as long as the girl saw the boy like these. He still take a care of him, for along time the guy realized how much she loved him. Then, the guy asked her, "do you want be my girlfriend?"

the girl was in silence, she really didn't know what must she say then the guy asked one more again,"Do you want?"

the girl answered..

I still love you ( Part 1)

a story of a younger couple who have been in a relationship for along time.
but there something was not good on their relationship. they love each other but sometimes they hurt each other too.

the guy was a type of emotional people when there was a problem between them, he could restrain his emotions. the girl always sad, she doesn't know what must she did, because she still love him..

07 October 2011

Love Story ( Part 1 )

a guy wanna say his love to the girl but when he almost to say it the girl was always cut their conversation. actually, the girl knew what would he say but she don't know what she will answer, She love him too but it too fast for them to getting together because she was still doubt about her feeling. 

06 October 2011

You said you loved me but you don't ( Part 1)

This is story a love between a girl and guy which have a complicated relationship. they love each other but there some event always happened between them.

They look like a good couple, everyday the guy always say i love you to his girlfriend, but the girl felt that he didn't love her anymore because the boy didn't like anything that the girl wanted to do.

Thanks For Love Me ( Part 1 )

a girl fallen in love with a guy who never love her anymore, but the guy was falling in love with her friend. Her friend and the guy be in a relationship. She was very hurt to know the guy that he love the most was fallen love in her friend, She was broken heart, crying all night at home. But, in her heart there's no matter with who that he will be in a relationship as long as the guy was happy.