11 October 2011

Thanks For Love Me ( Part 3 )

One day, he found that the girl did not go to school for a few days, first he was thought that the girl was go on holiday but suddenly there was a call from her mom, "she want to meet you, she was in hospital right now", with a worry the guy run quickly and took a taxi to  hospital.

After he arrived to the hospital, he met the girl. with a tears on her face the girl said "I love you so much", the guy said "I love you too", what happened with you ?
The girl answered "sorry, i did not tell you from the first time because i don't want you will worry about me"

"I suffered leukemia", i couldn't live for along time for
the guy couldn't kept his tears, the girl gave him a diary book..

after the guy was very upset he read the diary from when the love him until the day she live. she also thanks for loving her, it was the precious thing for her. he regret of everything that he have done, he just waste his time to love a wrong people. but that was useless because everything had happened..

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