25 November 2012

My Life -s

Damn, I was so stupid why crying for silly thing like this.
I don't know why tonight I was so sad. My tears can't stopped when I see my timeline. There were all memories of you. I thought I were really forgot you. But why ?
when you asked me my post on yours, made me so sad.

I thought I have moved on because for a few I really don't care what had happened between us
I have enough felt the pain that you gave to me, why we have broke up but you still hurt me again
You know it was hard why anyone asked me about our Relationship.

I want to say there were anything between us, but it was just too hard. so i just can smile and act like we still getting together.
Why?? I really want to move on from you. I hope you will find a girl that you can hurt every time when you want. I just tired enough so I give up from you, not because i love you. But maybe this is the way that i must take. I know everything will change Your Life, Your Feeling but memories don't.

So, don't think you can delete all of the memories. If you think you can do this, you were just wasting your time except you are amnesia

you were never know how my feeling was. my tears was just too pity to give someone like you.

Tears, I hope you were never fall for a man like him. Believe it or not I would rather be friend with you than the end of this story we become a strangers.

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