13 February 2013

13 February 2013

Life really wasn't really easy at all, sometimes we need to accept for something that we didn't wish it but just believe God will give you something more special than what you want. It's hard to wait the process may will hurt you but some people says "there were no gain without pain" so we must be patient and do the best for all of the people that we loves

we may do mistakes include me but that was something that usual happen in life.
but we even can't fix it anymore, the pain of the mistakes that you made are the regret after what you have done and sometimes it always remind you with the past

Honestly,I really didn't have a good life at all, I don't have a perfect family, I also don't have a great love story but at least I still appreciate for what i had right now.

The biggest hope that i have on my life, i only want to see my parent lives on happiness, not proud myself, I wish I still have a chance to see them until they have their own happiness. No one ever know how long they can live in this world. Just live as long as you can and use it as well as you can because when the time wasn't longer anymore you won't have any chance. Sometimes this was just too short and i can't imagine if i left this world, will anybody cry for me ???


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