25 September 2011

Failed to say love

There's a guy who has fallen in love with a girl since his first sight met her, but he was never told his feeling to the girl and the girl don't know too, if the boy has fallen with her. One day, he saw the girl with someone. He think he was just her friend, he was in curiousity.

Finally, he decided to asked her who was the guy who walked together with her. After he asked her, he was very suprised to hear it. Tears by tears dropped out from his eyes, he was in broken heart, he didn't knew what he must did, It was too hurted him so much,,

One day, the girl told him that he had broke up with a boyfriend. He felt sad because he saw the girl very sad, but in his heart, he thinks that he was still a chance to say his love to her. But he was too shy he couldn't said what he felt. Day by day passed he still be friends with her. He always messages her every day.

For someday, the girl didn't replied his messages anymore, he was worried what happened to the girl, he was confused, he was trying to contact her but he still didn't knew what happened to her. After a week, he went to the girl house and then he saw her mother cried. He went to inside of her house, he saw that the girl has rest in peace, he never knew that the girl has suffered by lung cancer. He was very upset

The moral of this story if we love someone say it directly or you'll be regret it until you die..

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