28 September 2011

When I love you

a girl and a guy was in love, everyday the guy always say I love you. he always say when i love you, you make my heart beat so fast, when i love you i feel like in heaven, when i love you, you make my world change, when i love you, you make my day brighter. Everyday my life is full of happiness,, the girl also love him so much and then got married

For first time, they really have a happy life, but years by years passed they just busy about their works. One day, they were fighting because of some problems and then the girl asked the guy,, did u still love me? the guy answered no, i am not love you, did you know? when i love you i feel like in the hell, when i love you, I'm regret to love you

After the girl heard that, she was upset, she was broken heart again, then she said i would go out from this house, she walked and walked didn't find any place to stay, 

Finally, at the night there was someone called him use the girl phone cell, then the guy went to hospital immediately, after he see her wife he was regretted to what has be he done. Actually, he still love her.
the guy felt mistaken then he tried to suicide, and the family of them buried them in one place.

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