10 October 2011

I still love you ( Part 1)

a story of a younger couple who have been in a relationship for along time.
but there something was not good on their relationship. they love each other but sometimes they hurt each other too.

the guy was a type of emotional people when there was a problem between them, he could restrain his emotions. the girl always sad, she doesn't know what must she did, because she still love him..

this events are always happen every weeks. days by days were passed like that the girl always cry and cry when she was in this event. One day, the couple in quarrel. It was the day that couldn't defend on their relationship anymore. The girl her way to away from the guy. The guy realized what have he done when he was still be with her. In his heart he says, "how fool am i," how could i did it..

To be continued

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