06 October 2011

You said you loved me but you don't ( Part 1)

This is story a love between a girl and guy which have a complicated relationship. they love each other but there some event always happened between them.

They look like a good couple, everyday the guy always say i love you to his girlfriend, but the girl felt that he didn't love her anymore because the boy didn't like anything that the girl wanted to do.

The girl asked her boyfriend, "do you love me?".. The guy answered "Of Course.. I Love You",, Why do you ask it?? The girl answered "No, nothing", They still getting together and keep going..

When the girl wanna to out with her friend the guy didn't allow him to do it. Then, the girl ask again "Do you love me? the guy answered Yes, I still love you... But why you always make me sad???

To be Continued..

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