20 October 2011

You live in my heart

There was a girl named Lyzz, IShe has fallen in love with a guy. She fallen with him at the
first sight.She love him so much, he always on her side when I need him, they love each other. she spent my time happily. One day, she met him and she said that's better for us to get break up, she don't love him anymore.

In her heart, She doesn't want to say this word. She know it was hurted him so much but 
she doesn't have another choices, she must let him go, Let him to find another girl who can gave him more happily life. She was convicted to suffer a serious illness. Nothing could she did, before she died , she asked her friends to give him this letter to him. 

                   Day by day she passed her life with this illness and today was the time that she could not face this world again and at this time, he read my letter, the tears slowly flew from his eyes. the girls letter's ::

as long as i think slowly, you always say that you will never let me go from  your life. 
but where ever i am, i will still live in your heart, and you will live in my heart too. I don't wanna to leave you too, because i still love but i also don't want stay with you, I don't want to make your life more and more miserable, In fact, i wanna be your side, Sitting beside you and listening your heartbeat. But, I realized I won't live for longer time, I will die and I will leave you. I didn't want to spend my last time with your sadness because it hurted me more and more. Just see you happy, I could live happily in another world, Thank you very much god because you have given him to me however just for a while. and you will be always live in my life...

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