26 October 2011

My Last Wish

There were a girl who were in difficult position, she doesn't know what she choose between two guys whose love her. she can't think of anything and she thought..
Everything what she did never make me happy anymore,, how much she has tried there was still as same as it was..

How loud she laugh today, she isn't still happy
How hard she cry today, it was still grows

She has thought and thought but there were no answer came out, she has a seriously illness and it would make her live for longer time again. She had felt how empty her life it was. how lonely has she felt

She can't carry it anymore, she don't know who was she love

for a month ago, she will have her 17th  birthday.. she had a wish,, on her wish
she didn't wish for a big cake, a friends or a gift and anything
she just wish for die on that day.. it wold be the last wish on her life
no wish more..
because she thought there no pain more will her suffered and there were no pain will her family need to suffer
and the guys loved her will not hurt again when she choosed one of them, she didn't need to choose anymore..

Because in her life she had too much suffered alot of illness and complicated love in her life...

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