07 October 2011

Love Story ( Part 1 )

a guy wanna say his love to the girl but when he almost to say it the girl was always cut their conversation. actually, the girl knew what would he say but she don't know what she will answer, She love him too but it too fast for them to getting together because she was still doubt about her feeling. 

One day when the guy wanna to tell the feeling the girl also cut their conversation again. But at this time the guy couldn't keep it at all, Then he say i love you to the girl.. The girl was confused, she don't know what she will answer. She was trying to escape from this situation but she could not do it. She won't to see the guy in sadness, then she say give me a time to think about this please..
The guy said "Okay, i will be waiting for you"..
To be continued

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